Secret Knock: Ron Baron

More great talent from the last Secret Knock event and we bring you another master.  On this episode of TheRise, we talk with Ron Baron about what it actually means to be a...

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Secret Knock: Ryan Interview

On this episode of The Rise, we talk with a self-made millionaire who became wealthy at the age of 8. A truly unbelievable story and inspiration to...

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Secret Knock: David Stanley Interview

On this episode of The Rise, we caught up with Producer David E. Stanley.  He shares his philosophies with us and what it means to really live from that place and follow your...

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Episode 106: The Secret Knock – Part 1

On this episode of TheRise, we talk with two people you may not know of. While their names are unfamiliar, their work is known around the world. We talk with Richard Kohn who is...

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Episode 4: Still Rollin’

On this episode of TheRise, we travel down to sunny San Diego where we meet up with skateboarding legend Victor Earhart. He shows us the technology behind the scenes at Sector9...

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Episode 5: Living Life in Costa Rica

On this episode of TheRise, we are in Costa Rica and we talk with Sam Patterson about how he ‘woke up’ one day and gave up his life in the United States and moved to...

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Episode 3: GIIC

What does GIIC really stand for? GIIC stands for God Is In Control. In this episode of TheRise, we play a few holes of golf with Professional Caddy, AJ Montecinos. He shares his...

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TheRise says “Good-bye” to Several Team Members

This spring brought many changes to our Pittsburgh Unit.  While we wish that we could keep the team together, we have to let them go and pursue their dreams and careers.  Here at...

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Braddock Carnegie Library

The Braddock Carnegie Library is now among the many historic landmarks in the country.  With its interesting story, the Braddock Carnegie Library has rightfully earned the honor...

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Sarah Heinz House

The staff members at the Sarah Heinz House share one main goal: helping children.  Located in Pittsburgh, the Sarah Heinz House provides services for children from first to...

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About The Rise


The Rise is the result of a 23 year process in understanding what it takes to “Rise Up” in your own way, what ever that way may be. From health to religion and politics, The Rise is a show that will take you there and give you the tools to improve your life and those around you. It’s time that we all Rise Up?

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Meet the Rising Team

392974_4725322985225_1515773199_nDr. Travis W. Fox – Executive Producer, Host

Brenda Markstein
Producer, Wardrobe

Jamie Knapp
Director of Photography, Producer/Director


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