Braddock Carnegie Library

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Braddock Carnegie Library

The Braddock Carnegie Library is now among the many historic landmarks in the country.  With its interesting story, the Braddock Carnegie Library has rightfully earned the honor of being considered a historic landmark.  Vicki Vargo and her staff continue to “rise up” and bring the library out of its slump and turn it into a fun, safe place in the Braddock community.

The Braddock Carnegie Library was the first Carnegie Library in the United States.  Built in 1888, the library has had its up and downs throughout the years.  The library was open from 1889-1974 until neglect of the structure and lack of funds for repairs forced its closure.  Since reopening in 1983, the Braddock Carnegie Library has continued to positively impact children and adults in the community through different programs. These programs include:

  • Dream Big Read!
  • Questyinz
  • Young Writers
  • Introduction to Computer Classes
  • Braddock Carnegie Arts Program

Rising Up

Vicki Vargo and her staff are dedicated to help improve the Braddock Carnegie Library and those who walk through the doors.  Seeing how the library positively impacts the people in the community helps the library staff continues to “rise up” and help those in the community “rise up” as well.

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