Sarah Heinz House

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Sarah Heinz House

The staff members at the Sarah Heinz House share one main goal: helping children.  Located in Pittsburgh, the Sarah Heinz House provides services for children from first to twelfth grade as well as senior citizens.  This nonprofit organization provides programs that will help these children prepare for their futures.  90% of the children who attend the Sarah Heinz House go to college. At the Heinz House they have set very important goals for their employees that foster an environment of growth and learning. Some of these competencies that they must possess are:

  • The ability to provide supportive environment for children to be who they are.
  • Teach skills that will help children become successful adults.
  • Help enhance children’s leadership and social skills in a fun way.
  • Always put the children first and encourage them to be themselves.
  • Give every child an opportunity to realize his or her full potential.

The Heinz House was started with a very simple mission.  That is to empower all youth, especially those who need us most, to laugh, learn and lead. Their vision is for all children in the community to achieve personal success, dream big and positively impact their world.

Rising Up

The children and staff help each other “rise up”.  Stanley Pittman, Executive Director at the Sarah Heinz House says, “Seeing kids succeed, grow, mature and realize their full potential motivates me to rise up.”

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